Great Ideas: The Inventivity of Books

April 4 – June 23, 2017
Flat cases and wall case by the Reference Desk

Surprisingly, the book format has long experienced creative developments. Though outliers to the normal codex format, the items shown in this exhibit confirm that bookmakers are ingenious in their invention. From the physical—like The Invisible Book made out of clear tape–to the shaped, such as Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror, and from the food box of Eat and Die to the Viewmaster of Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitats, there will be something to impress and surprise the viewer.

IMC Feature – Haiku Movie Review

April is national poetry month and to that end we bring you IMC resources annotated in poetry’s simplest form, the haiku.  While the original intent and nature of haikus was probably more thoughtful and structured, the pop-culture version requires only 17 syllables in an arrangement of three lines – 5, 7, 5.  Added to these haikus is a guessing game where we give you a description and call number.

How many movies
Can you correctly surmise?
Add your very own!

(as a comment at the bottom)

PN1995.9.H6 S565 2007 DVD
All work and no play
Makes Jack a dull boy.  But wait…
Here’s Johnny! Redrum.

PN1995.9.H67 J398 2005 DVD
Speilberg’s crew go fish
For giant man-eating shark
Bigger boat needed

PN1997.E183 E18 2002 DVD
It’s no fun, being
An illegal alien
Who needs to phone home

PS3566.U9 G64 2001 DVD
Don’t cross the Don or
You will sleep with the fishes
Ask Abe Vigoda

PN1995.9.H6 R624 2006 DVD
Oh damn it Janet
Let’s do the time warp again!
In our underwear

PN1995.9.P75 C665 2008 DVD
What we’ve got here is
Failure to communicate
And a lot of eggs

ML38.B48 W66 2009 DVD
Too many hippies
Watch good bands in bad weather
And leave a big mess

PN1995.9.H5 C35 1999 DVD
Penthouse Productions
Featuring – Romans Gone Wild!
Sex and violence

PN1995.9.H6 P8935 2000 DVD
Norman loves mother
Marion stole some money
A shower showdown

PN1995.9.M86 H439 2001 DVD
A long story short…
Botched sex change operation
Inspires great music

PS3575.U7 W32 2000 DVD
New York’s gangs come out and play
Costumed Odyssey

DS557.7 A6673 1999 DVD
The Colonel’s gone mad
And so has the director
And Charlie don’t surf!

PN1995.9.S695 T756 2008 DVD
A jedi orphan
With patricide destiny
Learns to use the force

PN1995.9.C59 G654 2009 DVD
“Frankly my dear, I
Don’t give a damn.”  Scarlett burns.
The Butler did it

PN1995.9.G3 S4374 2006 DVD
Al Pacino – “Say
Hello to my little friend”
Worst accent ever

PN1997.2 .L673 2002 DVD
One ring to rule all
Creates an epic journey
For fantasy nerds

PN1995.9.C655 S5645 2002 DVD
Talkies are coming
Don O’Connor’s “Make ‘em Laugh”
Best dance scene ever

PN1997 .D57 2004 DVD
How I learned to stop
Worrying and love the bomb
Kubrickan humor

PN1995.9.D6 C595 2001 DVD
William Randolph Hearst
Was not a fan of Orson
In the end, Welles wins

PN1997.2 .A83 2010 DVD
The native blue folks
Rally around the Hometree
And defeat The Man

PN1995.9.S26 B5334 2007 DVD
Philip Dick novel
Conflicted android hunter
Tinfoil unicorn

PN1997 .G7348 2007 DVD
Mrs. Robinson
Seduces recent grad to
“The Sound of Silence”

PN1997.A1 B56 2002 DVD
Griffith’s film proves more
Shocking today than debut
Normatives evolve

PN1995.9.M86 W489 2003 DVD
Sondheim and Bernstein’s
Music and lyrics lead to
Sharks and Jets dance fight

PN1997 .G354 2002 DVD
Martin Scorsese’s
Natives versus Dead Rabbits
Do bloody battle

PN1995.9.C45 K53 2000 DVD
New York City kids
Hanging out and partying
Are ticking timebombs

PN1995.9.R63 E389 1999 DVD
Peter and Dennis
Launch the unfortunate song
Born to Be Wild. Ugh.

PN1995.9.M86 W5937 2005 DVD
Toto and Dorothy
Follow the yellow brick road
Watch out for the witch

PN1997 .B659 2000 DVD
Here comes Dirk Diggler
Who knew Marky Mark could act?
Dancing in the sheets

PN1995.9.H6 S598 2000 DVD
Look for hidden clues
Things are not as they appear
Kid sees dead people

PN1997 .B74354378 2006 DVD
Capote wrote it
Hepburn made it iconic
Mancini soundtrack

PN1995.9.F36 H377 DVD
Raised as a muggle
Harry kicked Voldermort’s  ass
And played quidditch

PN1995.9.D4 V478 1999 DVD
Carlotta Valdes
Lost in the spiral of time
I will make her mine

PN1997 .G866 2000 DVD
Altamont madness
Rolls in on motorcycles
The sixties are dead

PN1997 .M854 2002 DVD
In search of a twin
Meet me at Silencio
Life is a bad dream

PN1997.2.S77 2016 DVD
The boyz n the ‘hood
Are rappers with attitude
Not fans of police

PN1997.2.A77 2017 DVD
Reed College alum
Helps Amy Adams talk to

PN1997.2.M66 2016 DVD
The award for best
Picture goes to La La Land
Hold on… it does not!

Thomas Lamb Eliot Papers: new digital collection!

We are pleased to announce a new RDC collection: the Thomas Lamb Eliot Papers!

T.L. Eliot (1841-1936) was an influential Unitarian minister in Portland, worked in education and jail reform, founded the Art Association and the Humane Society, helped develop the public library, worked for temperance and women’s suffrage, and played a large part in the formation and final founding of Reed College in 1911, serving as a Trustee and major advisor until his retirement in 1925. Eliot Hall was named for T.L. Eliot in 1935.

The digital collection contains scanned versions of correspondence and other documents. View a love letter sent to Eliot by his wife, Henrietta, documents issued by the Missouri Militia relating to civil war era service, and note from Eliot’s life insurance company granting him permission to travel to Oregon.

Please note, this release is only the beginning! We have finished scanning the first four boxes out of a total of 119. We will continue to add newly digitized content to this collection in small batches.

All items in this collection were digitized from the holdings of Reed College Special Collections & Archives. We welcome visitors! View the Special Collections & Archives website for hours, contact, and location information.

Reed College Book Collecting Contest



$1000 – top prize
$500 – second prize
$250 — third prize

Reception in April with refreshments for winners and participants!
Exhibition of winners’ books.
Open to all full-time Reed students.
Winner may participate in The National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest.

**DEADLINE**: March 21, 2017, 5pm.

Download the Book Collecting Contest Application

Unleash your bibliophilic passions, write an essay about your favorite books, enter this contest not only for the pleasure of working with your own collection and the serious monetary awards for the three prizes but an opportunity to enter the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest held annually at the Library of Congress.
Details at:

Co-sponsored by Reed College and the Himes & Duniway Society, a Portland book collecting group.
For on-campus questions contact Gay Walker, Special Collections Librarian, L014, at 7782 or

To Apply

Download the Book Collecting Contest Application

The Application Form on this page or by emailing Gay Walker at Please submit your application by one of the following methods:

  1. Email: Submit your application package to: with the subject line Entry: Book Collecting Contest 2015, or
  2. In Person: Print and fill out the Book Collecting Contest pdf form and bring it with your application package to L014, special collections & archives, Gay Walker.

IMC Feature – Nina Simone

In 1999, VH1 debuted a five-hour television special, “The 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll“. An interesting facet of this survey was the latitude contemporary artists took in crediting women outside the genre for their impact and influence – Billie Holiday #6, Ella Fitzgerald #13, Bessie Smith #26. However, there was one most egregious and incongruous oversight – no mention of Eunice Kathleen Waymon, aka Nina Simone, The High Priestess of Soul, musical voice of the civil rights movement, piano virtuoso, and singer-songwriter of over 40 albums. In some ways, this trivial lapse mirrors a pattern that the iconic female tenor faced her entire life, beloved by critics and fans but never fully embraced by pop culture. For those unfamiliar with the music, life and times of Nina Simone, let the following resources be your guide. For long-time fans, revisit the classics and feel free to suggest additions to the collection!
Jim Holmes – IMC

Nina Simone – music, videos, books, and more


Spring thesis desk lottery

Random numbers for the Senior thesis desk lottery will be drawn from the official 470 list. If you are a senior, but are not yet registered for 470, and want to be included in the drawing, please come to the circulation desk and have your name added to the lottery list by Monday, February 6th. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Studio Art, and Psychology, majors are not eligible for thesis desks in the Library.

The list of numbers will be posted Tuesday, February 7th along with a map of thesis desk locations so that you can have preferences in mind before the actual selection.

The choosing of desks will begin at noon on Wednesday, February 8th in the library lobby. You, or your proxy, must be present when your name is called. Lottery numbers are not transferable.

NOTE: Some desks, as indicated on the map, will be shared. In order to help create the most pleasant sharing arrangement possible, the person with the better number may bring in as a partner another senior on the list who has a less desirable number. Please make those arrangements before the noon time selection and let us know that is your plan when your name is called.

Any questions contact Brian Kelley

The Library at Paideia


Illuminated manuscripts and early printed books, antiquarian maps and Simeon Reed’s dinnerware. Come see treasures from behind locked doors and between the most rare and intriguing covers. Calligraphy and scrounger trading cards, fore-edge paintings and the Beat Poets. View highlights from the library’s special collections!

Meet in the archives, L014 on lower level 2 (under the IMC).
Tuesday, Jan. 17th (canceled due to weather)

Thursday, Jan. 19th


What is an artist’s book? See the amazing variety of artists’ books in the library’s special collections. We will look at a wide range of book creations made by artists, and some by Reed students, from the 1960s to the present. Presented in the Pierce Room behind the locked door on lower level one.

Meet in library lobby.
Wednesday, Jan. 18th

(Gay, Linda, Laura)

Description: Have you ever wondered where all those locked doors go in the library? Why there are grotesques but not gargoyles? What are those strange collections up the spiral staircase in the Pollock Room? Let us take you on a tour of discovery. You can amaze your friends with your esoteric knowledge and learn more about your library home-away-from-home.

Meet in library lobby.

Tuesday, Jan. 17th (canceled due to weather)

Wednesday, Jan. 18th



Beth Platte (Instructional Technology) and Angie Beiriger (Digital Assets Librarian)

This course will introduce participants to the theory and methodology of Digital Humanities. The class will address the question of what data in the humanities looks like for a variety of research projects, considering, for instance, what’s appropriate for a semester paper, versus a thesis or a longer professional research project. We’ll look at a variety of Digital Humanities projects as examples, and, given time, we’ll explore a few simple tools.

Wednesday, January 18 at 9:00am to 10:30am. ETC 205


Using Open Tools to Remix Images and More
(David, Angie, Amy, Laura, Jim)

The Internet is full of images, audio, or video just waiting for your tweaks and personality. Learn how to find existing open resources and re-mix them without worrying about copyright. This session will demo resources for finding open images, audio, video, and the software you will need to edit them. There will be time for hands-on participation as we re-use, re-make, and re-define digital objects.

Library L17
Wednesday, Jan. 18


Project Pericles – Debating for Democracy Letter Writing Competition
(Joe, Sonia Sabnis, Meredith Dickinson and Carla Mann)

Still in progress; guiding students on how to research issues they might want to write to a legislator about

Eliot 116
Thursday, Jan 19



Description: Lloyd Reynolds was the “Father of Calligraphy” at Reed College and literally brought calligraphy to the Pacific Northwest. Self-taught in the 1930s, his calligraphy classes were wildly popular and his impact long-lasting and now alive and well in the weekly Scriptorium on campus. Come see his library, papers, artwork, and evidence of his impact on campus.

Meet in the Library Lobby
Thursday, Jan. 19th



Beth Platte (Instructional Technology) and Angie Beiriger (Digital Assets Librarian)

This course covers the various kinds of textual, literary, and linguistic analysis that are possible using digital methods. We will look at Digital Humanities projects to understand the sorts of research questions that computer-assisted text analysis can help to answer. This hands-on course will also introduce basic text encoding using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) schema and present various ways of digitizing texts.

Thursday, January 19 at 3:00pm to 4:30pm ETC 205

All digital collections now migrated to the new Reed Digital Collections!

With the successful migration of the last four collections, the new Reed Digital Collections is now the place to go for digital access to etheses, Artists’ Books, rare books and archival materials, and faculty teaching and research collections. The old system will remain available through January.

The four final collections are:

We want to hear back from you! Do you like the new interface? What could be improved? Let us know by filling out this survey.

What happens with My Workspace galleries?

Don’t worry; your galleries will still be available. Over the course of the Fall semester, galleries migrated and become visible in the new system. Gallery migration will be finalized in January 2017.

What is Reed Digital Collections, again?

Reed Digital Collections is where you will find many Reed theses in electronic form, digitized materials like yearbooks, photos, and manuscripts from Special Collections and Archives, images of art and architecture for use in the classroom, and many faculty-curated teaching and research collections. The Library and CIS have been working hard on rebuilding the software from the ground up to make it more functional, more intuitive, and more fun to work with.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have a great idea for a new collection? Contact or